Nealey McCarthy – Property Inspection Manager


Nealey, our exceptional Property Inspection Manager, holds a pivotal role within our team, and her unwavering dedication and boundless passion for her work truly set her apart. When it comes to delivering exceptional service, Nealey is the go-to person upon whom everyone relies. Affectionately known as our "Maintenance Queen," she stands ready to provide expert guidance in any maintenance-related situation, ensuring that every task is executed to the highest standards of quality and precision.

Before joining our team, Nealey enjoyed a successful 10-year career as a qualified dental assistant. During this time, she not only honed her professional skills but also cultivated a unique talent for connecting with people and consistently surpassing their expectations. This love for creating memorable experiences and bringing joy to others is a hallmark of her work.

Mount Maunganui holds a special place in Nealey's heart, as it is her beloved hometown, where she has spent her entire life. A social butterfly by nature, she cherishes the moments spent with her close-knit group of friends and cherished family. Whether they're embarking on adventures like conquering Mount Maunganui or simply savoring quality time together, Nealey thrives in the company of those she holds dear.

Beyond her impressive professional life, Nealey is a compassionate partner and devoted parent. She has shared 15 wonderful years with her significant other and is blessed with two beautiful children. Her role as a responsible and dependable member of the community extends to managing various family rentals in the area, a testament to her commitment and value as an esteemed community member.

In summary, Nealey is not just a Property Inspection Manager but an embodiment of unwavering dedication, passion, and commitment. Her ability to create exceptional experiences and connect with people, combined with her deep ties to her hometown and her role as a loving partner and parent, makes her a truly exceptional asset to our team and an integral part of our community.


A Little Bit More About Nealey

1. What is your favourite food?      
    I really like anything with Asian fusion or hot & spicy 

2. If you could be a cartoon character, who would you be?   
     A Powerpuff Girl

3. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?   
     Walking and socializing with my friends

4.  If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 3 things,            what would they be?   
      Water, pen and paper

5. What is the most adventurous thing you've done?   
     Travelled Europe & the UK

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Andy and Sandra Garratt

Rentlink Property Management manages our rental property in Tauranga. They have taken all the hassle away from us. The Rentlink team are great communicators, are efficient and passionate about everything they do. I can't recommend hem highly enough!!

Sharl Fynn-Wagner

Rentlink have been amazing to work with! Rosemary has passion and determination to ensure that both tenant and landlord are happy is awe inspiring. As a tenant, Rosemary made sure that my every concern or need regardless of size was met with the utmost professionalism. I would recommend Rosemary to EVERYBODY looking to for a new place to call will not be disappointed. So happy to be dealing with her!

Craig and Chris McCullough

Rosemary has managed our rental property for over a year now and what a treat it has been not to have any hassles in regards to the tenants. She is outstanding at keeping on top of the property and we sleep easy with our investment knowing that Rosemary is in charge. Highly recommend. Why would you do it yourself???

Phil Clarke

My name is Phil Clarke the franchise owner of Exceed Mt Maunganui.
I recently used the services of Rosemary to advertise ,get tenants and manage my new build in Te Puke. The service was fantastic from the start the way she met up with me and ran through everything in great detail. And the process of showing people around my house which she invited me to be there so if I had any bad vibes I could let her know. But most of all Rentlink's vetting process of tenant’s to make sure she got the right tenants. I am now going through the process of using Rentlink's services to take over my other rental from my existing property managers. An out and out great company