6 Rentlink Tips for a Winning Tenant Application

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6 tips for a winning application.

In a competitive rental market, tenants who miss out on securing a property often wonder what they could have done differently to secure the property they were applying for. Many factors come into play when a Property Manager or landlord is choosing tenants for their property. These tips could help you maximise your chances of being the standout tenant.

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When meeting the landlord or agent, particularly for the first time, keep the following in mind:

  1. Punctuality is key: Aim to arrive on time or even a few minutes early. Being punctual demonstrates reliability, and it's important to make a good impression from the start. Arriving late reflects poorly on your commitment.
  2. Make your best first impression: Smile, be confident and let your presence prove why you'd be the best tenant.
  3. Display friendliness: Landlords and agents prefer tenants who are pleasant to interact with and possess good communication skills. Let your friendly side shine through during your interactions. This helps create a positive impression and indicates that you are easy to work with.
  4. Honesty is crucial: Maintain honesty throughout the entire application process. Avoid exaggerating your income or fabricating references. Reputable landlords conduct thorough checks, and any dishonesty will likely be discovered. It's best to be transparent and truthful to establish trust and credibility.

Remember, presenting yourself as reliable, respectful, friendly, and honest sets a strong foundation for a successful relationship with the landlord or agent.


Alongside the application form, gather all the necessary supporting documentation in advance. These documents may include:

  • Positive reference letters from previous landlords and testimonials from current employers.
  • Pet references from past or current landlords, indicating the condition of the property upon vacating and disturbance levels during your stay.
  • Digital copies of your driver's license and/or passport.
  • If you are applying with other housemates or applicants, ensure they have their important documents prepared to avoid delays caused by missing documentation.

By being well-prepared with a comprehensive and error-free application, along with all the required supporting documents, you significantly enhance your chances of securing the desired property in competitive markets.


In competitive markets, it's crucial to present a streamlined application to landlords and agents, ensuring they don't perceive it as overly complicated. To maximize your chances of securing a property, follow these steps:

Complete the application form meticulously, making sure it is error-free and comprehensive. Avoid giving them any reason to contact you repeatedly for corrections or missing information, as it can harm your chances of success.

The tenancy application form typically requires the following details:

  • Your name and contact information.
  • Current and previous residential addresses, including your rental history.
  • Identification details.
  • References from former landlords and personal endorsements.
  • Permission for credit checks by the prospective landlord or agent.

When committing to a rental property, it's important to be prepared to provide a deposit or bond. Assuring the landlord that you have the necessary funds readily available and won't scramble at the last minute to arrange it showcases your ability to act swiftly and conveys your seriousness in securing the rental home. Having the money in your bank account, or ready to be transferred from another property, demonstrates your preparedness and commitment to the rental process.


We are here to make the application process as smooth as possible and if you haven’t heard from us about your application after 5-7 days, it doesn’t hurt to send us an email on info@rentlink.co.nz to see if there is anything further you need to send through. Perhaps again reiterate your interest in the property.

It can take time to process the paperwork and when we have a number of applications to work through, or a number of properties to rent, there may be a delay while this is being done. Again, this follow-up shows that you are proactively seeking consideration for the property and maintaining your interest.


Discovering that you haven’t been chosen as the successful applicant for a property can be disheartening. It’s natural to feel inclined to withdraw and disconnect from the property manager. However, before taking that step, it's worth reaching out to them and requesting constructive feedback on why your application was declined. This conversation can lead to two positive outcomes:

Firstly, you’ll receive invaluable advice on how to enhance your application for future opportunities and increase your chances of success. This feedback will provide insights and guidance to optimize your approach.

Secondly, by engaging in this conversation, you establish a rapport with the property manager, showcasing your initiative and enterprise. This interaction demonstrates your positive attitude and can leave a lasting impression. Additionally, the property manager may remember you for future properties that become available.

Remember, maintaining open communication and seeking feedback can provide valuable insights for future endeavours, while also leaving a positive impression that may lead to future opportunities.

At the end of the day, you may do all the right things and still feel frustrated that you have missed out on your dream rental home. However, ensuring that you have your ducks in a row and tackling the process with a positive and methodical mindset places you in a much better position than most, to show that you are the best tenant for the property.

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Written by: Admin on 08/08/2023

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