5 Rentlink Tips for a Winning Tenant Application

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5 tips for a winning application

In a competitive rental market, tenants who miss out on securing a property often wonder what they could have done differently to secure the property they were applying for. Many factors come into play when a Property Manager or landlord is choosing tenants for their property. These tips could help you maximise your chances of being the standout tenant.

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Tip 1: Being prepared with supporting documentation

Your chances of securing a property will be improved if you have all the necessary documentation together and available when needed.
These include the following:

  • Positive reference letters from your previous landlords and even testimony from current employers.
  • Pet references from past or current landlords stating the condition of the property on vacating and disturbance levels while you were there.
  • Photocopies of your driver’s licence and/or passport.
  • A cover letter reinforcing the reasons why you feel you are the best candidate for the property is also a way of showing how highly motivated you are.
  • And if you are applying along with other housemates/applicants, make sure that they also have these important papers ready to go so that the application process is not hindered by missing documentation.

Tip 2: Good first impressions make a difference

The old saying about not having a second chance to make a first impression could have been written by a property manager.
When viewing the property, shake hands, make good eye contact, and have a polite, friendly manner (be yourself!).
Express positivity about the property as you are viewing through and bear in mind that your attitude and demeanour will be influencing the decision on who the property manager believes is the most suitable tenant for the home. As you walk around, treat the property with respect as a preview of how you might act if you lived there. If it is an open home viewing be respectful of other visitors at the property and questions for the property manager are always encouraged!


Tip 3: Complete a detailed tenancy application after viewing

We're here to make your application process as smooth as possible. You've got your documentation ready, you've viewed through the property, and now you're ready to express your interest to the Rentlink team. We have an online application through our website so fill it in via TradeMe’s Tenancy Tracker. Express your interest straight away if you would like to be considered and advise that your application is completed. This shows us that you are serious, organised and prepared, and makes the process smoother for all involved. In such a competitive rental market, advantages can be gained by having all the necessary documents completed and ready to go. The rental application should be as detailed as you can make it. The more information about your prior rental history a manager has access to, the better your chances of getting shortlisted for the property are.


Tip 4: Proactively follow up on your application

If you have not heard back from the property manager about your application after about 5-7 days, it doesn’t hurt to give us a friendly email to follow up and to ask whether there is anything further you can send through. Perhaps again reiterate your interest in being the successful applicant. It can take time to process the paperwork and when a property manager has a number of tenancy applications to vet, or a number of properties to rent, there may be a delay while this is being done.
Again, this follow-up shows that you are proactively seeking consideration for the property and maintaining your interest.


Tip 5: Unsuccessful? Get feedback!

It is always a disappointment to find out that you have not been the successful tenant for a property. The natural inclination is to walk away and disconnect from that property manager. Before you do, call them and ask for constructive feedback on why your application was declined. In the course of that conversation, two things may happen: firstly, you’ll receive invaluable advice on how to optimize your application next time around and be the successful applicant and secondly, you establish rapport with the property manager showing them you have initiative and enterprise. You never know, they may have another property coming up that they will keep you top of mind for.

At the end of the day, you may do all the right things and still feel frustrated that you have missed out on your dream rental home. However, ensuring that you have your ducks in a row and tackling the process with a positive and methodical mindset places you in a much better position than most, to show that you are the best tenant for the property.


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Written by: Admin on 02/04/2020

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